Подписание соглашения о техническом сотрудничестве с AAC-Concept Германия

автор:manager Time:2013-6-17 15:55:24

On June 17th, Dongyue Machinery Co.,LTD and AAC-Concept signed the agreement of technology cooperation in Yinan town. This meant the great improvment for Dongyue Machinery Co.,LTD in terms of exporting Germany advanced ACC technology. There were so many leaders attending the signing ceremony such as An Feng, Kun Ma, Jishuang Liu, Shuxiu Liu, Yanfeng Ju, Baochuan Huang, Changli Wu, Yinbo Tang, Jiyong Ge, Fuyu Wang, Zhenkui Liu, Dexin Zhang, Xuehua Jiang, Jingliang Wang.

Yanfeng Ju said AAC-Concept had the most international advanced technology of AAC products. Cooperation with AAC-Concept meant that the machine industry in our town reached the international advanced level. With the help of AAC-Concept, the Dongyue Machinery Co.,LTD will promote the technology and management level, will accelerate the innovation of company, will push the transformation of company.

Deputy major Kun Ma demanded that we must provide the good environment for work and life for the Germany experts who worked in china. The municipal government tried their best to support the cooperation program and promote the development of cooperation program. Mr.Ma hoped both parties in the partnership could work together to create the beautiful future.

The cooperation program of AAC equipment technology beween Dongyue Machinery Co.,LTD and AAC-Concept willl be invested 0.5 billion Yuan. More than 160 sets of Germany and Swedish advanced AAC equipments will be installed and a provincial mechanical engineering lab will be established. By now, it already has been invested 24 million Yuan, the lad has been fihished the main body 9800 SQ.M. After the program went into the operation, the sales of domestic will increase 50%, the sales of overseas will increase 100%.